Quick and quiet morning workout

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I am proud of you!

I am proud of you for making a step, a decision, to want to better yourself and your life!

If this your first step to setting up a workout routine for your self congratulations! Let this be a journey that will take you to your fitness hopes and dreams. Let it show the strong,confident you!

A few tips when starting out:

    • Set small goals and work your way up! Keep your eye on the target or end result. Focus, Focus focus!
    • The work you put in is the result you get, so don’t give up!
    • If you miss a workout or have a cheat meal once, don’t let it be a forever choice.Let your next choice be a healthy one and keep going! Besides the fact, its ok to have a cheat meal here and there and its ok if you miss a workout, DON’T GIVE UP!

The reason I chose to post this is because

      1.  This is indeed my workout routine, I enjoy it and it makes me feel lean and strong.
      2. I need to be quiet in the morning as I am living with my in laws currently. For you reading it could be sleeping babies!
      3. I love to inspire others to do good healthy things for your mind and body.
      4. I currently live to far away from my gym. So don’t make excuses for going to the gym, just work out at home.

The amount of reps noted in this routine are for beginners. If it is to much for you, adjust the reps or times down a little but not so much that it is way to easy. It is called a WORK out.

I do one round. ( Trust me thats plenty) After so many sessions up the reps/time. I like to do this work out 3-4 times in the morning each week just before getting ready for work.

┬áRemember to push yourself but don’t over do it.

I hope you will give this one a try and let me know in the comments below what you think of it!